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"When you cannot get a compliment any other way, pay yourself one" - Mark Twain
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Friday July 12, 2024
My Father`s Eyes
Vol: 1 Num: 2    Spring 2006
Indo-Norwegian Lisa Fotedar, took a journey into the parent-child relationship hoping that one could see the best of self reflected back from the closest family and found that difficult to travel bridges can be crossed with life changing results.

Writer, director, producer and star of a real life story, My Fatherís Eyes, Lisa has an unusual combination of statuesque Norwegian genes blended with Indian features. Her physique Ė 5í 11" and a size 6 Ė and proficiency in many accents has landed her many roles including Indian, Arabic, Russian, Polish, French and Jersey Italian. Apart from producing her own films, Lisa has starred in many indie films and is appearing in the hit HBO series, Sopranos. We asked her few questions about her last movie and future roles.

How was your experience of producing, writing, directing and acting in My Fatherís Eyes? I think the experience of My Fatherís Eyes has made me a better actress because now I can relate to the "big picture." I understand why a director might like what you did in a scene but still need you to do it differently. I used to think in terms of doing it Ďrightí or Ďwrongí and now I understand that itís more about having choices in the editing room or making sure a specific moment comes across right during an important scene.

What are you doing these days? Well, Iím busy on several fronts. I am currently in talks with key people to produce Namaste in which I will co-star. In addition, I am currently up for a great film role with a fantastic established director (fingers crossed) but canít say more at this point. Iíve also been sent some projects to read from first time writer/directors who read about me in a recent article. I just started modeling and am in the current issue of Luxury Spa Finder Magazine as a fitness model. My starring film work will be in half a dozen film festivals over the next two months so Iím also juggling travel.

What is your next film Namaste about? Namaste is a feature length film about overcoming racism and is largely autobiographical. It interweaves three stories -- the story of Linda, a mixed race girl who tracks down her biological India born father, Om, and meets him for the first time, the story of Lindaís parents, and the story of Omís teenage Indian daughter, Kashmira, who is in love with a Brit.



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