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"Difficulties increase the nearer we approach our goal." - Goethe
Wednesday June 19, 2024
Index: Winter 2006, Vol. 1 No. 1

Topic A: Young Turks
Bubbling With Creativity
Anand Chhatpar was named as one of five most innovative entrepreneurs in the US and for good reasons, he is a fountain of youthful creativity.

Rhodes Scholar
Rahul Satija of Duke is one of three South Asians named in the Rhodes Scholars list of 32.

Business & Investing
Investment Rush to India
India is moving up the food-chain as Bill Gates, John Chambers and Craig Barrett go to New Delhi to announce billion dollars expansion plans.

From The History Books
500 Year Ago In Ceylon
Portuguese sea captain Lourenco de Almeida got stranded in Ceylon in 1505 and European's long relationship with the island nation begins.

400 Year Ago In Fathepur Sikri
Mughal Emperor Akbar dies in 1605 at the age of 63 after a 49 year rein.

100 Year Ago In Calcutta
Lord Curzon announces the partition of Bengal in 1905, which soon became a rallying point for the freedom movement.

Making The Difference
Rennu Dhillon prepared for two years before launching NRI Global Pageant - a five day contest full of workshops to groom and develop contestants not only for the show but also for the life. Multi-faceted Rennu has undertaken many projects that are making the difference one person at a time.

Miss NRI Global 2005
Pakistan born Mehru Khan won the pageant and wants to change the image of Pakistani women.

Mrs. NRI Global 2005
Software engineer Mikki Singhal tries to do something different, like winning Mrs. NRI crown.

10 Questions for Harish Saluja
Director and radio host talks about his movies, his paintings, Saeed Jaffery and Roshan Seth.

Causality and Correlation
Is high school graduation only related to what seniors do in their young lives?

Front Row
In The Numbers
They Said It


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