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"Life is an opportunity, benefit from it" - Mother Teresa
Friday May 24, 2024
Index: Spring 2006, Vol. 1 No. 2
Topic A: Indian Real Estate
The Real State Of Affairs:
A Home Back Home
Real estate is booming in India with double digit growth. Big developers are building lavish structures, gated communities and posh bungalows..........
Special Report: Weddings
East Comes to West:
Getting Married in the USA
Increasingly more and more wedding planners and service providers are catering to South Asian weddings................
My Brotherís Big Fat Indian Wedding
A sisterís memories of her brotherís wedding in India to an American.......
Social Service
Idealistic Dreams With Chutzpa
A Chicago doctor wants to improve the medical infrastructure of his birthplace, Kenya..................
From The History Books
They Died For Our Freedom
75 years ago three twenty something were executed. Were they terrorists?..........
An Odyssey Through A Golden Triangle
A meandering journey through the Golden Triangle is a good way to get reconnected with your country..........
Beyond Boundaries
She didnít want to get old without realizing her dream of pursuing music as a full time career..........
Serving For Game, Set And Match
She is a perfectionist and wants to break into the top echelons of WTA Tour..........
Cover Theme: South Asians In The Military
Fighting For Their Country
Under severe enemy fire in Fallujah, 1st Lt. Prakash commanded a tank platoon. Maj. Dr. Bose performed emergency surgeries on the battle field. Capt. Khan, Sgt. Singh and Spc. Kathiria gave their lives. These are only some of the South Asian Americans showing courage and valor fighting for America...........
An Indian Martyr In the US Army
He was a Bohra Muslim from Dahod who came to the USA after finishing his Computer Science degree and gave ultimate sacrifice in Iraq..........
Un-Conventional Choice:
Swapping Books for M-16
There are more than 200,000 women on active duty in the U.S. military. Very few of them are of South Asian origin. If the military is an un-conventional choice as a career for desi men then for women it is more so..........
Gates of Freedom Require Vigilance and Sacrifice
He was inspired by Jefferson and was working for the betterment of local Iraqis when a car bomb took his life..........
Saving the Whole World
Third generation military man and the only son of an Indian Army Colonel, this young sikh was the first desi to fall in Iraq..........
Face Time
Kumar Barve
Marylandís majority leader talks about politics, stem cell and Supreme Court justices..........
My Turn
The Quest for Education
His mother didnít use her quest for education for direct financial gains but the intangible benefits that she realized were huge........
Bangalore Beans
A Hoysala king gets lost in Southern India while hunting game, a villager offers him a meal of boiled beans and Bangalore gets its name. Pretty cool for the unofficial outsourcing capital of the world........
Front Row
India Everywhere To Destination India
First there was a lavishly planned marketing blitz then a bevy of the powerful, the power seekers and glamorous of the world called on........
Alexander`s Trip To India And Kissing
Believe it or not but there is a connection between Alexander`s conquest of Asia Minor and the prevalence of kissing in the west........
Inside the Numbers
They Said It

Her Father`s Eyes

The Man in Black In Bollywood

Signs of Unbreakable Sixth Sense!

A Good Year For Archie!

The First Time

Waterborne Skips to Google

Jah What???


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