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"Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves." - Sir James M. Barrie
Wednesday June 19, 2024
Index: Fall 2006, Vol. 1 No. 4
Topic A: Shopping In India
Young India Driving Organized Retailing
The middle class in India is prospering like never before. The young professionals are not averse to spending and the result is that Indiaís retail segment is as hot as real estate and financial markets..........
An Avenue Of Immigrant Entrepreneurs
Devon Avenue of Chicago was a hub of Scandinavian and German immigrants, then Russian and Polish-Jewish immigrants took over. Now it is home to Indian and Pakistani immigrant businesses..................
The Rock Cut Wonders of Ajanta
The caves in the wooded and rugged horseshoe shaped ravine show the remarkable arts and architecture of ancient India...........
The Rock Cut Wonders of Ellora
The artisans of ancient India beautifully carved temple caves out of basaltic rocks that are still awesome............
My Turn
To React Or Not To React
Indian American teen dating confuses baby boomer parents.........
My Experience
The Real Education Of An Indian American Teen
An Indian American teen goes to India to resolve her identity crisis..........
A Plea For Maturity
South Asia is beset with so many issues that peace is a difficult proposition...........
Cover Theme: Teens
What Parents Donít Know Wonít Hurt Them!
For many South Asian teens growing in America means living in two worlds and they learn early to keep those worlds apart...........
The Dating Dilemma:
Parenting Teens
When it comes to dating, many South Asian parents donít know what their teenaged kids do..........
Getting Into A Good School:
Does Your Kid Have What It Takes?
Parents with high expectations look for their children to get into highly selective colleges. Many seek outside help..........
Other Side Of The Coin
Not all South Asian students come from well-to-do families. There is another side to this coin too..........
Fall Fashionís Salute To Teen Style
A simple stitch to a skirtís hemline can take it from tailored to tarty. Teenage fashion is often a source of anxiety for parents and pressure building for teens...........
Conquering The Dance Floor:
Two Left Feet Can Still Get It Right
There are few places with more potential for embarrassment than the dance floor. What, then, is required to rid awkward teens of their two left feet? Only a brief burst of courage to join todayís variety of dance classes..........
Face Time
Dr. Natwar Gandhi
Chief Financial Officer of the District of Columbia, Dr. Natwar Gandhi talks about his job and interests...........
Front Row
The Lobbying Games
Swimming in VC Money
Disney Set To Make Hungama
Saving Tiger
Inside the Numbers
They Said It
Letters to Editor


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