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"A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline." - Harvey Mackay, author
Friday July 12, 2024
About Mood Indico
A Lifestyle Magazine For Trendy and Upscale South Asian Americans  

Mood Indico is a ‘tailor-made’ publication for open-minded and inquisitive South Asians – people of Indian Subcontinent origin – living in the North America, who are curious to know more about their environment, culture and heritage.

Mood Indico covers fascinating stories for this niche group of people that not only inspire them but also intellectually challenge them.

Mood Indico motivates and connects South Asian Americans. We cover their issues of concerns, celebrate their past and present achievements and nurture their dreams. Our engaging style, positive focus and attitude help build an open and honest relationship with our readers.

By creating a trusted and credible editorial atmosphere that is highly conducive to believability, receptiveness and brand identification Mood Indico offers an indispensable medium to those marketers who want to target an affluent minority group that is increasingly attaining greater purchasing power.


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